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Soraya Papayoute is the Founder/CEO of Healing Wounds Coaching & Consulting. Although, she hasn’t always been a thriving wellness coach and mental health therapist. Her journey started as a young Haitian American girl living in Broward County Florida. Soraya’s parents were migrating immigrants apart of the working class and rarely had the opportunity to spend quality family time with her. A lack of consistent attention, affection and support took a toll on her mental health and caused her to have a chaotic 20 years. Surviving cancer, battling anxiety/ depression, recovering from multiple suicide attempts and a domestic violence relationship is only part of her story and testimony she needed to help others.

Here’s what she has to say:

“I know God has a purpose for me and I absolutely believe I have overcome all of my trials and tribulations to help the next woman do the same. You see, nothing is wasted in this life, and anything can be turned around for good. I have used the worst times in my life to fuel me to become a speaker, mental health therapist and, wellness coach. I now know that Mind-set shift, confidence in my God given identity and finding purpose is key. I am a warrior, and my purpose is to help others see it within themselves as well.“

MSW Registered Intern

Certified Wellness Coach

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Healing Wounds Coaching and Consulting was birth from the Mission to provide a safe space for Women of Color to heal from their past traumas and create hope for the future through education and support.


HWCC Vision is to introduce a holistic approach to therapy and coaching that exposes the root of pain caused by traumatic experiences in our life, embrace healing, and commit to creating a balanced future. Our sole purpose is to see the Women of color community heal and be great!

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